Zip Tie Lounge Chair / 2014

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair is a flat-pack armchair made of plywood panels sewn together with zip ties. Requires 16 square feet of plywood, 44 zip ties, and no tools for assembly. 

Available as a free download or in kit form at OpenDesk. 

Bracket Chair / 2013

The Bracket Chair was an attempt to make an artless chair, devoid of joinery -- expressing each joint as a vector diagram of forces, rendered in metal straps.

Cardboard Cantilever 3.0 / 2012 

Corrugated cardboard (strong in compression) was laminated to Masonite sheets (strong in tension) with wheat paste, producing a hybrid load-bearing assembly. The two parallel frames are bridged with cardboard tubes.

Road Sign Lounger / 2012

A salvaged road sign, scored with a circular saw and bent with a mallet, was folded into into a strong yet flexible shell and mounted to a light plywood frame.

Road Sign Side Chair / 2011

Patterns of 3/8" diameter holes, drilled through a road sign, create lines of weakness that allow the aluminum to be folded and pinned in place. An old poplar door casing was planed, jointed, and assembled into a tapering base with plugged screws. 

Bent Cardboard / 2012

Inspired by the mid-century masters' use of bent plywood, the Bent Cardboard chair was the result of many patient experiments with molding thin, curved panels out of corrugated cardboard and wheat paste.

Instructables video.

Scrap Loungers / 2011-12

Made of old-growth fir studs and hardwood flooring salvaged from deconstructed Chicago bungalows, these chairs bring together pure geometric abstraction and solid old-school craftsmanship.

Tennis Ball Chair / 2006

A grid of fifty tennis balls are trapped in place with four laser-cut plywood panels, forming a resilient, pointilist seating surface. The size of the holes varies, contouring the balls to the shape of the body.