Guerilla Furniture Design is a manual for designing and building lightweight furniture out of salvaged materials. It contains 35 tutorials for lean, modern furniture projects that are environmentally sound and inexpensive to make. Order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Powell's, or from your favorite independent bookseller.

"Like all good project books, the point of these projects is to teach you to make up your own, to transfer the skills needed to let your imagination, your needs, and the material abundance of your immediate neighborhood converge on things that make your home more beautiful and livable."

 -- Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

"It is, in any case, an excellent addition to anyone’s home-improvement library, deserving display next to Lloyd Kahn’s “Shelter,” Johan van Lengen’s “The Barefoot Architect,” and Robert Pirsig’s classic “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."

-- Edward Ericson, Jr., Baltimore City Paper

" [A] talk about making things out of necessity, what architects and designers have to say about economics, and what change we should be talking about when we talk about social design."

-- Interview with Brett McCabe, Bmore Art

"Will Holman's new book . . . is a manifesto and a how-to manual for building cool DIY furniture and household objects from paper, wood, plastic, and metal."

-- Excerpted on Slate

"With gleeful mischief, craftsman and carpenter Will Holman . . . wages war against the big-box stores by utilizing paper, wood, plastic and metal to create 35 practical pieces for every room . . ."

- Joanna Brichetto, Bookpage

"Our story starts in Will Holman's apartment . . . except for the couch and the mattress, Holman has made pretty much everything in here."

-- Aaron Henkin, The Signal on WYPR 88.1 FM

"As for Will Holman‘s latest publication, Guerilla Furniture Design I, for one, have come away feeling a lot smarter about the practice and art of repurposing and reusing, as well as its historical roots and far-reaching environmental benefits."

-- Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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Makerspace: Towards a New Civic Infrastructure is an essay I did for Places Journal about the promise and peril of makerspaces.

I am an occasional contributor to Bmore Art, profiling local artists, designers, and architects.My article Nonumental, in collaboration with photographer Andy Cook, appears in The Bmore Art Journal of Art + Ideas, Vol. 1: Place.

I have written over 50 tutorials (and counting) over on Instructables. 

Lessons From the Front Lines of Social Design is a piece for Design Observer on the promises and perils of my experiences working for social design enterprises around the country.

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair is a how-to piece on building a flat-pack CNC-routed armchair. 

The Flat Pack Frontier, Parts 1 & 2are detailed case studies of my experiences with open source design, CNC fabrication, and digital distribution. Follow me on Medium

My project Door Table was featured in an article by Amy Palanjian in the Feb./Mar. 2011 issue of ReadyMade magazine.