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Station North Tool Library

A few weeks ago, through work, I was introduced to Piper Watson and John Shea, two local artists who live in the Greenmount West neighborhood. In the summer of 2012, they took a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip across America, visiting tool libraries. Though not a new concept, tool libraries have been catching on -- Wikipedia lists 47 in the U.S., and dozens in other countries. 

Research complete, they put together some grant money and opened the Station North Tool Library this past April. They took a first-floor space in Area 405, a bustling studio space and gallery at 405 East Oliver Street, right around the corner from the new Design High School and up the street from the City Arts building. Their operation has been growing steadily ever since, with over two hundred members and a swelling collection of tools. Most have been donated by members; others come from estate sales or educational organizations. Once cleaned up, repaired, and put on the floor, they are available to members for check-out one week at a time.

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